What to Consider When Purchasing a Color LED Multifunction Printer?

Aug 15th, 2023 - Back To Blog

color LED multifunction printer is similar to its laser printer counterpart, but rather than using a laser in the printhead, opts for an LED (light emitting diode) array. In the xerography process, a pulse-flash of the LED bar across the surface of the machine makes the image on the belt or print drum as it moves past. Here is what to expect from a color LED multifunctional printer:

Efficiency and Reliability

Color LED multifunction copy machines are more reliable than their laser copier peers because they have fewer moving parts internally, which translates to less mechanical wear. Some LED multifunction printers are even configured to have faster printing speeds than laser printers. LED all-in-one color printers are also cheaper to manufacture.

Cost Savings

When compared to color inkjet copiers, color LED copiers will have a higher initial cost but will save an organization more money in the long run. The ROI increases with use as the cents and dollars saved per job accrue over time. Since LED printers can be less expensive than laser printers, they frequently have an appealing upfront cost as well.

Wireless Network Compatibility

The 21st century has seen more people working from home or other remote locations than ever before in history. With a decentralized workforce comes unique demands to keep work operating smoothly. GCOP has put together some key information to help you find the perfect color LED printer. Utilize our knowledgeable staff of copier experts and software team to help you better understand your product and get your new LED copier up and running with minimal hassle.

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