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PJ S2440



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PJ S2440 Entry Level Projector

A significant number of local companies are adding projectors to their office machine portfolio to enjoy the features that visual presentations provide. The PJ S2440 is a great selection because it is reliable and long-lasting. If your company wants a projector, the PJ S2440 offers exactly what you need. It provides the benefits to add a lot to both your internal and external presentations and communicate better.

In this competitive business world, you need a number of technological tools, and the PJ S2440 is a great example. Today's projectors are portable and easy to use. The PJ S2440 provides a streamlined and intuitive operating system that makes it simple to operate. It is easily integrated to provide seamless information transfer via the USB port, and contains a clicker for you to go through your presentation without missing a beat. Come visit our locations in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, and Mandeville for printers, copiers, projectors, and other office equipment needs.

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