Interactive Whiteboard

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  • Work on a 75" 4K multi-touch display
  • Impress with 3840 x 2160 4K resolution
  • Connect laptops and mobile devices
  • Work remotely and use your preferred apps with our Windows® 10 controller
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Not looking to commit to a purchase? We offer copy machine rentals as well!

Now is the perfect time for businesses to become familiar with a new and improved interactive whiteboard. These exciting boards offer a great way to capture ideas and strategies that come up without worrying about missing anything. Regular whiteboards can let you down when you need to digitize the information, but interactive whiteboards like the D7500 make the entire process efficient and seamless. Like today’s copy machines, the recent innovations with interactive whiteboards are exciting. You’ll love how the D7500 makes it easy to capture, share, and distribute the output of your whiteboard sessions with ease. There is a wide range of features available with today's interactive whiteboards, and the D7500 gives you flexible options. Your firm can benefit from an interactive whiteboard, specifically if your internal departments count on idea generation to help your business stay above the crowd. We provide service in New Orleans, Mandeville, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge for all of your office equipment needs!