Cut Sheet Color Printer

Cut sheet printers are actually something that you’re probably already familiar with. These printers use single sheets of paper that are bundled into reams yet aren’t attached. The ream is then set inside of a printer in order to feed it during the printing process. Additionally, the option to print your media in color adds to the versatility of the printer in the long run. 


What to Consider before Purchasing a Color Laser Cut Sheet Printer

What are the most important things to consider when buying a color laser cut sheet printer? 

1) What is the Cut Sheet Laser Printer Being Used For? 

When deciding on the right all-in-one copier for your business, think about whether it will benefit from a machine that is a bit slower that gives a finer-quality print versus one that is faster through the lens of your overall need to impress. These tend to have a much higher DPI, but they have a lower overall page per minute output when compared to a continuous roll. 

2) Do You Really Need Color? 

Make sure that your copying requires a colorful option in the first place. As making sure that you have all of the palette options needed, then you can pick the ideal cut sheet laser printer that prints in color. Of course, printing in color will always be more expensive than printing in black and white

3) Does the Color Laser Cut Sheet Printer Function Well Wirelessly? 

GCOP’s line of color copiers and cut sheet printers come with the latest WiFi options for your commercial needs. Our staff has the know-how required to get your cut sheet printer up and printing in no time so that your business is able to keep itself operational with minimal downtime. 

Featuring products such as Ricoh and Savin that are able to scale to the needs of your industry, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have the perfect color laser cut sheet laser printer for your business. GCOP has outfitted medical facilities, legal offices, schools, printing groups, universities, and more. Send us an email or give us a phone call with any questions, and we’ll make sure that your search for the best color laser cut sheet printer for sale today is successful!  


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