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D5510 Interactive Whiteboard

Now is a good opportunity for businesses to learn more about a revolutionary interactive whiteboard. These boards offer a great way to capture ideas and strategies discussed during work sessions without anything slipping through the cracks. Standard whiteboards are inefficient when you want to share the results of your session, but interactive whiteboards like the D5510 make it easy. Similar to copy machines, the evolution in the features of interactive whiteboards is astounding. It couldn’t be easier with the D5510 to capture, share, and distribute the important outcomes of your meetings with a click of a button!

There is a wide range of features available with today's interactive whiteboards, and the D5510 is one of the most flexible. Your team can gain from an interactive whiteboard, specifically if your internal teams count on idea generation to help your business stay first in class. Come see us in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Mandeville for all of your office equipment needs!

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