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D5510 Interactive Whiteboard

Now is the perfect time for businesses to become familiar with an advanced interactive whiteboard. These technology-packed boards allow you to capture ideas and strategies created within a group without skipping a beat. Conventional boards aren’t the best when you want to share the results of your session, but interactive whiteboards such as the D5510 make the entire process efficient and seamless. Similar to copy machines, the recent innovations with interactive whiteboards are exciting. The D5510 makes it simple to capture, share, and distribute everything you want to save with a click of a button!

You can choose from many features with today's interactive whiteboards, and the D5510 is very versatile. Your firm can benefit from an interactive whiteboard, especially if your employees count on idea generation to keep your company first in class. Visit one of our stores in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Mandeville for interactive whiteboards, copy machines, printers, projectors, and more.

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