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D5520 Interactive Whiteboard

Now is a good opportunity for businesses to learn more about a revolutionary interactive whiteboard. These boards give you the resources to capture ideas and strategies discovered during brainstorming without worrying about missing anything. Regular whiteboards can let you down when you want to share the results of your session, but interactive whiteboards such as the D5520 capture the info you need. Similar to copy machines, the evolution in the features of interactive whiteboards is astounding. With the D5520, you can capture, share, and distribute all of your notes, ideas, and flow charts with one click of a button.

There are many features offered with interactive whiteboards, and the D5520 gives you flexible options. There are many benefits your business can receive from an interactive whiteboard, especially if your employees use collaboration to keep your company above the crowd. Our stores are located in Lafayette, New Orleans, Mandeville, and Baton Rouge for office copiers, printers, whiteboards, and more.

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