5 Most Common Problems- Copy Machines


Troubleshooting Tips for Common Copier Issues

  • Recurring paper jams: Ugh, aren't paper jams the worst? The usual culprit is someone loading the paper incorrectly, but recurring jams can also be a sign of dust build-up. Double-check that paper dust hasn't collected inside the copier, and remove any build-up with a mini vac.
  • Print that is too light or too dark: Whether copies are coming out too light or too dark, the density levels are likely to blame. This problem will likely require a tech visit to get it fixed.
  • Wrinkly pages: When the feed and/or exit rollers are out of place you end up with wrinkly pages. First, check to ensure that the paper supply has been loaded properly. If that's not the problem, it's time to give your service tech a call.
  • Vertical lines on the page: Any type of line or discoloration on the page is usually caused by smudges or smears on the glass. After a rigorous wipe-down, this problem should disappear.
  • Spots and dots on paper: If you are noticing a bunch of spots on your copies, it might be time for a new drum. If the glass surface is clean and the problem persists, you'll need a drum replacement ASAP.

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There's not much in office life that's worse than hearing that the copier is down! Trying to navigate workflows without this vital piece of equipment can be beyond frustrating. And, when the issues keep recurring, it's tough to prevent a mutiny from the workforce. If your office is experiencing these 5 common problems, it’s time to give GCOP a call!

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