Are All Projectors Created Equal?


Are All Projectors Created Equal? The Key is Knowing the Difference.

Are All Projectors Created Equal? The Key is Knowing the Difference. - Are All Projectors Created Equal?

The short answer is no. One projector does not fit all needs, and if you’re settling for the lowest common denominator, you may be shorting yourself of a higher quality experience. There is a vast selection of options depending on the size of the room, the internet connection needs, and the quality of images you’re trying to produce. Take the time to figure out what works for you, and give yourself the power of choice, to find the optimal product for your needs.

Take a look, for example, at the comparison of the PJ X4241N Short Throw Projector and the PJ WX4241N Short Throw Projector.
On the surface, they would appear almost identical. Hold them next to each other, and you’d be hard pressed to find any difference between them. Both are short throw projectors, offering a sharper resolution and minimal shadow from lens glare. Both have a brightness of 3300 lumens and an eco mode that reduces the power usage and extends the lamp life for 5,000 hours. Both have the ability to fit screens up to 400” and a 10W speaker powerful enough to eliminate the need for an external speaker, saving space and time on setup. Both offer 360-degree projection for a completely immersive presentation, ideal in particular for small spaces such as classrooms and boardrooms.

So what’s the difference?
The first is in the quality of the resolution. The PJ WX4241N Short Throw Projector offers WXGA (1280x800 dpi) which is sharper in comparison to the PJ X4241N’s XGA (1024x768 dpi). A higher resolution of quality allows images to become cleaner, more clear, and ultimately more immersive.

The second major difference is in the wireless connectivity. The PJ X4241N Short Throw Projector uses a wired cable connection, that while easy to set up, is not quite as advanced as the PJ WX4241N’s wireless technology. The ability to connect wirelessly to the internet, combined with the sharper quality at a comparable price, makes the PJ WX4241N the superior projector.

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