Are Fax Machines Still Relevant?

Feb 17th, 2020 - Back To Blog

If you find yourself asking if your office still needs a fax machine, the answer may surprise you. Not only are fax machines still relevant, but their use is increasing, not falling off. The use of machines, as well as online faxing services, continues to be a regular part of today's modern office. There are a number of different factors contributing to the current increases in faxing volume:

Data security and integrity. With the frequency of data breaches, any time data security is vital, it's best to fax the documents. Professionals who work in the medical field are always encouraged to use a fax machine to transmit sensitive information. Additionally, a faxed document will hold its integrity more readily.

Compliance guidelines and requirements. There are certain legal requirements that mandate that faxes are utilized for sending certain types of information. If you operate in a highly regulated environment, it's likely that there are certain documents that can only be sent via fax.

Simplicity. Both staff members and customers may prefer the ease of faxing when it comes to communication between parties. There are certain instances when faxing something over to a customer is the easiest way to send something.

Legal protection. Communicating via fax gives you a record of the materials sent and a time stamp. If your company is ever involved in a legal dispute, a hard-paper trail is beneficial during the legal discovery process. In addition to having a reliable paper trail, a faxed document is more difficult to alter.

It's doubtful that the use of faxes will diminish significantly any time soon. GCOP is here to handle all of your office needs including fax machine servicing, sales, and repair.

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