Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

Today's workplace environments continue to change and adapt in these unprecedented times, and collaboration can be one of the first aspects of office life to feel negative effects. At GCOP, we have the technology, such as video conferencing equipment and interactive whiteboards, that can help bridge the gap. If your team isn't already using interactive whiteboards, it's time to start! The same goes for video communication; our language relies heavily on non-verbal cues, and phone conferences just aren't as effective as their video counterparts.

Because many people have difficulty working within a collaborative model, especially when all or part of the team is working remotely, there are a few baseline steps to take. For starters, it's imperative to have everyone working on the same communication platforms. This will help to reduce the unwanted effects of "siloing" which can make intradepartmental collaboration all but impossible. When everyone knows where to access and share information, the likelihood of productive collaboration is high.

GCOP can help your teams achieve the interconnectivity that yields the best results for your enterprise, no matter its size. It's time to look at technology and office equipment as the solutions that they are. Today's machines offer an unprecedented level of mobility that can only increase your employees' ability to work together, even when they are apart. Now is the perfect time to review your current collaboration methods and discover ways in which they can be improved!

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