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Connect to the World with the RICOH UCS Advanced Service

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Connect to the World with the RICOH UCS Advanced Service

Connect to the World with the RICOH UCS Advanced Service  - Connect to the World with the RICOH UCS Advanced Service

We live in a modern age.

And the beauty of this fact lies in a lack of restrictions. Business opportunities aren’t limited to what’s within tangible grasp. Our visions can travel across oceans, venture beyond continents and reach a global market in more ways than ever before.
With technology, distance is no longer a factor. So why let an out of date phone communication system be the difference between you and world domination?

Introducing the Ricoh United Communication System Advanced Service
The system can be accessed from almost any device with a WebRTC solution that allows all users to join with their preferred apps and services. No longer are we bound to the desktop, chained to the projector. The Unified Communication System Advanced Service allows flexibility, so video-conferencing is easier than ever, even for those on the go.

Offering a Personal Touch
Modern technology could never replace the value of human contact, and RICOH's UCS Advanced Service understands that. The apps are easily accessed by users and promote personal connection like no other system. Crystal clear quality video and audio allows you to see faces and hear voices clearly. You can also show a presentation while simultaneously seeing a video of all other collaborators. Know in real time how people respond to your ideas. It will almost feel as if they’re in the room with you.

Cutting Costs, Saving Time
Bring your business into the 21st century, cut down on the cost of expensive business travel and instead bring the rest of the world to you. UCS Advanced Service offers virtually 99.9% uptime, so you don’t have to worry about dropped calls and slow connections. You can easily upload your busy schedule as well as the schedules of your collaborators, avoiding the hassle of missed calls and scheduling conflicts.

Working Together
The UCS Advanced Service can work independent of or alongside the RICOH P3500M Unified Communications System, making set up and functionality much easier.

In Conclusion
Give your business the upgrade it deserves. The Unified Communication System Advanced Service gives new opportunities to make deals and grow globally. Don’t let the limitations of time and space keep you from achieving your vision.