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How Often Should I Replace My Copy Machine?

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How Often Should I Replace My Copy Machine?

Copy Machine Replacement | New Orleans

Like many other office machines and equipment, the useful life of your office copy machine will depend on how often it is used. In general terms, it makes sense to replace or upgrade your copier after two to three years of use. It is rare to have a copier last more than five years without serious repair issues. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, give GCOP a call to discuss replacement options!

Excessive Downtime and Frequent Repairs
There's nothing worse for productivity than broken or malfunctioning office equipment. If your copy machine is requiring repair more often than it's working properly, it's probably time for a new copier. A broken copier is never welcome, especially when it's down more than it is operational!

Poor Quality of Output
Manufacturers generally know how long their machines will function properly, and time their warranties accordingly. Once your machine is out of warranty, you may notice a drop-off in copy quality. If you need your printed material to look crisp and clear, you may find yourself replacing this piece of office equipment every two years or so.

Outdated Software
As with everything else in our modern world, copiers have a lot of internal software and computerized processes. Once the software becomes obsolete, you may find yourself replacing a somewhat functional copier. Outdated software can be a problem in offices where the copier isn't used too much, and the mechanical parts are still working fine. If this is the case in your office, be sure to consider the equipment that has the most up-to-date software systems when you are purchasing a copier or other office machinery.

If your office is ready for a copier upgrade, give the team at GCOP a call today to learn more about the many available options!