How to Achieve Better Workflows with a Remote Workforce

Oct 29th, 2021

How to Achieve Better Workflows with a Remote Workforce

For many of us, the very nature of work has changed forever. Although some onsite employees are transitioning back to their offices, many remain a part of the remote workforce. With a record number of people working from home, employers need to keep on top of workflow to make sure it stays productive.

What Workflow is Best for Remote Work? 

There’s one thing in the way of making remote work smooth, and that is the need for a company to use paper. With a distributed staff, any business that relies on the movement of paper for their information data transfers will be bottlenecked. Thankfully, there are many ways to extract the information from paper and digitize it in the current year:

Human Resources as an Example of Automated Workflow

Human resource management is a pillar of any successful company. Since a lot of the process is done via paper, it presents a good example of the benefits and means of digitization. For a manager in the HR department, piles of paperwork will increase the odds of an error and put additional pressure on resources that are rare and limited by the slower movement of information on paper.

First, an employee must print out a document and complete it by hand. Second, the document needs to be routed to the appropriate department. Third, the document makes its way back to the relevant department head for manual processing into the database.

Isn’t this all too tedious to do manually? Thankfully, there are means to overcome the burdens of manual data entry and minimize bottlenecks.

Solutions to Develop Faster Remote Workflows

  1. Microsoft Teams - used for video conferences, text chat, and voice calls, MS Teams is featured in Microsoft’s 365 suite of services for improved communication and teamwork.

  2. A Ricoh Multifunction Printer with Always Current Technology is able to transform documents to digital with one push of a button. 

  3. Ricoh Smart Integration Solutions - application services for workflows that widen the capabilities of the Ricoh multifunction printers. Instead of waiting for files to process, HR can email or scan paperwork to digital formats correctly under the proper file names without risks of it winding up in the wrong department. 

The Challenges of Improving a Remote Staff Workflow

Gulf Coast Office Products understands that there are unique challenges today that companies and organizations face. Thankfully, improvements to existing systems and revamping old ones to be compatible with remote work will enhance employee productivity, and in the end, stellar customer feedback will be the result!