MP 4055 Black and White Laser Multi-function Printer

The Savin MP 4055: A Professional Black & White Printer

Every office needs a reliable printer that works quickly and doesn't break down when you need it most. The Savin MP 4055 is a black & white laser printer that performs a wide range of functions to serve your office's needs. You can use this heavy-duty printer not only to print documents, but also to copy, facsimile, and scan documents, with advanced features like sorting, stapling, folding, and hole punching. Here are the incredible features that make the Savin 4055 the best choice for your office.

Speed and efficiency

When you need documents printed, there's no time to waste - you need them right now. Fortunately, the Savin 4055 prints up to 60 black & white copies per minute, so even large batches won't take much time. You can print easily from your phone or tablet as well as from your computer, so there's less fussing with connectivity menus and more getting work done. You can even automate your settings to streamline the printing process for repetitive tasks.

Intuitive menu

The Super Operation 10.1" Panel is on the front of the printer and allows you to get prints made and settings switched with a touch of a button. The touchscreen menu allows you to swipe through options to easily find and select the best ones for your needs. It's easier than ever to add advanced printing features like stapling, sorting, or hole punching so you can do more in-house. It's intuitive, secure and you can easily connect it to any device in the office to get more done.

Secure data management

You can never be too careful when it comes to your company's data, which is why the Savin MP 4055 has user authentication options. You can require users to enter a passcode or even swipe an ID card to use the printer, and you can lock jobs until the appropriate person is physically at the printer. This keeps your data safe and prevents it from falling into the wrong hands.

The Savin MP 4055 allows you to make quality prints without the hassle. With smart automation technologies and ultra-fast printing speed, you can spend less time printing and more time achieving your goals.

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