The RICOH 501SPF-- The Office Stress Reliever

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The RICOH 501SPF-- The Office Stress Reliever

The RICOH 501SPF-- The Office Stress Reliever - The RICOH 501SPF-- The Office Stress Reliever

Office printers get a bad rep. When talking about these devices, most workers' faces turn sour and their bodies tense up. Why should the relationship between office workers and their printers remain this way? The incredible engineers at Ricoh believe the bond between man and machine can be fruitful for both parties. Say hello to the 501SPF — the office printer that relieves stress instead of causing it.

Speed is King
Time is money — especially in an office environment. Important reports and documentation need to be compiled on the fly and must be in the hands of the right people at the right time. That's why a fast-paced office needs a printer that can keep up. The 501SPF monochrome printer can match you stride for stride — and then some. It prints at a staggering rate of 52 pages per minute, resulting in greater work efficiency and reduced worker frustration.

Low Maintenance
Seeing a printer's error message might be one of the worst feelings in the world, especially in the most crucial moments of a project. Luckily, Ricoh have created a savior in the form of the 501SPF. The Ricoh 501SPF is built with reliability in mind. It requires less maintenance than other office printers and also optimizes its ink usage — which means less time and money spent on ordering additional toner.

Mindblowing Paper Capacity
No one in the office wants to be the person who's stuck with the task of refilling the printer's paper supply. The entire workplace can rest easy now. Because the Ricoh 501SPF has the capacity to hold 600 sheets of paper at one time. And what's more, it can hold up to four extra paper sources, raising the overall holding size to 2,600 sheets.

The RICOH 501SPF-- The Office Stress Reliever

Intuitive Control Panel
New technology can be hard to wrap your head around. That's why the 501SPF's 10.1-inch Smart Operation Panel is built to be intuitive and easy-to-use. The menus can be customized to include only necessary tasks — leading to less confusion and increased productivity. The touchscreen also incorporates the same motions you would use on your smartphone, including swiping, flicking, and pinching. More advanced users can take advantage of features such as the built-in web browser and paperless faxing option.