RICOH Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE)

Why Choose ICE?

  • Without complicated or costly software, you're able to expand your RICOH device's capabilities
  • With smart processing in the cloud, you are able to benefit from document conversion
  • Needs little to no internal IT support
  • Has many service packages for all of your business needs

Unlock New Productivity

Be More Productive With Your Integrated Cloud Environment

Get more productivity from your RICOH- Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) device. To save time, scan directly to email or choose from over 20 popular apps. Instead of re-typing documents, convert them into digital file formats that are editable by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Also for convenience, enable mobile printing from your smartphones and tablets on your RICOH. Because the Integrated Cloud Environment is a cloud service, little to no IT is involved.


  • EASY WAY TO GO DIGITAL - Keeping up with documents in hardcopy format can be exhausting. With Optical Character Recognition, converting paper documents into digital ones is quick, simple, and most importantly, efficient. Finding and working with documents are much easier when they are scanned in the cloud using the automatic OCR and file conversions, no need to key in any important information.
  • SCAN DIRECTLY TO CLOUD APPS - The Integrated Cloud Environment supports over 20 apps. Use your RICOH- ICE device to save time by using the direct scanning and routing process. Your scanned document will appear as a digital file in your chosen app account after you have selected a destination app, changed any settings, and scanned your document. No more waisting time emailing and uploading files.
  • SIMPLIFY MOBILE PRINTING - All ICE packages include mobile printing capabilities, so it's easy to print documents from your tablets and smartphones. Simply send an email to with your files attached to print a document. You will receive an email with a release code to enter into any ICE device, adjust your settings and touch print once your code is received and entered. Because mobile printing capabilities is so convenient, it is ideal for mobile workers and guests.
  • SMART DIGITAL PROCESSES - With all ICE packages, you can benefit from document conversion to digital data. Depending on the type of business that you have the documents that are converted, the destinations that are chosen, and the processing and handling that is needed can vary. A business might have the additional requirements to upload scanned documents according to a defined specification or use Bates stamping to number exhibits. Additional packages are available to address the specific types of requirements that any business might have.
  • LITTLE TO NO IT SUPPORT NEEDED - There's no need for servers, system integration, software updates, or maintenance since ICE is a cloud service. You can easily select which ICE apps will be available to users on the device interface, and custom settings can be sent out to all of your ICE devices automatically.

Choose the Right Service Package for You

Packages include:

  • Office
  • Advanced Office
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Printer

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