Ricoh Interactive Collaboration Board

As we continue to navigate our new virtual world, it's becoming clear just how effective a tool interactive technology is when it comes to remote productivity and engagement.

When your organization adds a Ricoh Interactive Collaboration Hub into the mix, a higher rate of output will typically follow. Now is an ideal time to review your current technology and office machinery set-up and determine how to optimize your processes and systems.

Real Ways Interactive Collaboration Can Help your Firm

Real-time collaboration is perhaps the greatest productivity boost provided by an interactive piece of equipment. Many companies, when faced with our new remote work realities, attempted to cobble together a workable system with parts they already had in their arsenal. It didn't take long to realize that attempts to stream multiple workers through a single connection into a group work session are less than optimal.

With a hub, it is possible to gain the connectivity that workers require to do their jobs well, no matter where they are. If your team is continuing to work remotely or is operating in a hybrid environment, Ricoh can provide the necessary technological boost to maintain high levels of productivity and output. We can help you share documents, files, thoughts, and ideation in real-time, whether you are in the room, or miles away.

Contact the team at GCOP today to learn more about the product options available for your customized Ricoh Interactive Collaboration Hub. Management, employees, and clients will all benefit when you incorporate this technology into your work environment.

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