Ricoh introduces intelligent Voice Control

Feb 18th, 2021

Ricoh introduces intelligent Voice Control 

In tandem with Amazon’s “Alexa for Business,” this allows employees control over multiple MFP functions with speech alone. Employees can approach any compatible Ricoh MFP that has been paired with an Amazon Echo device and then provide brief commands with their voice to manipulate scanning, copying, and faxing functions. Users can adjust several settings to their tastes, such as whether to use simplex or duplex, to copy in black and white or color, select stapling options, and more, all without needing to interact with a screen. The requirement to interface with the MFP’s panel being reduced means that your staff can perform more work in a shorter period of time, increasing their productivity overall. 

The Benefits of Voice-Controlled Printing 

Controlling copying, scanning, and faxing with one’s voice also allows for greater accessibility to those who might have impaired abilities to use a screen in real-time for one reason or another. Local software is all maintained via the updates inherent in the Amazon tools, minimizing the burdens placed onto IT support to buoy your fleet of printers.

Pivoting into Printing Success

The positioning of Ricoh introducing voice-controlled printing started with higher-education customers using similar technologies thanks to their diverse student populations. Several universities and colleges have accessibility departments in order to improve the means by which their students are able to interact with developing technologies. With the emphasis on limited touch or no-touch devices increasing in our modern society, this fits well for multiple office strategies from Enterprise to SMB, from healthcare to higher education, all where returning to work safe and secure is paramount for every company. Training is provided by Ricoh Technology Sales Specialists with interactive modules. This Training and Compasses setup and configuration of Amazon Alexa for Business and Ricoh Intelligent Voice Control. The training time typically lasts about one hour.

If you’re ready to implement voice-controlled printing in your business or organization, reach out to our trained staff today to learn more about your options and stay ahead of your competitors!