New generation of Ricoh whiteboards to be supercharged with Vizetto software

Vizetto Inc. and Ricoh Group have announced an exciting new partnership that will bring Vizetto’s innovative Reactiv STAGE presentation software to the newest generation of Ricoh interactive whiteboards worldwide.

Cutting-edge presentation power 

Already an exceptional product, Ricoh’s cutting-edge whiteboards will now come bundled with Reactiv STAGE, a quantum leap in presentation software specifically designed to meet the emerging technology needs of multi-touch conference and educational applications. Vizetto specializes in streamlined presentation and collaboration software that makes meetings more efficient and productive. Their powerful platform finds a new home on the Ricoh interactive whiteboards which already empower users around the world to work smarter with digital technologies and services.

Digital boardroom revolution 

It’s a partnership that makes Ricoh whiteboards an even more attractive option for an estimated 30 million corporate boardrooms that have yet to integrate interactive whiteboard technology into their presentations. Interactive whiteboards are growing in popularity around the world, and now this state-of-the-art technology is much easier for future-minded businesses and schools to adopt and implement using Vizetto’s intuitive software interface.

As easy as writing on a whiteboard

Reactiv STAGE is a powerful presentation platform that allows users to deliver an engaging, collaborative demonstration while simplifying their workflow and saving time. The interface is ergonomically optimized to deliver the same experience as writing by hand on pen and paper, so that technology never gets in the way of a good idea. Employee training, classroom demonstrations, and business presentations are all enhanced by the tactile interactive experience of writing on a digital whiteboard.

Integrated document management

With Reactiv’s fully integrated document management system, Ricoh whiteboard users will be able to open any file natively, collaboratively markup documents, track revisions and manage additional displays without any added software. Everything can be done right there on the whiteboard.

An end to user frustration

Ricoh’s General Manager of Digital Business, Yoshinori Sakaue, expressed confidence that the new partnership with Vizetto will eliminate frustration by replacing outdated whiteboard applications with a more efficient and intuitive solution for users around the world. He said: "We chose Vizetto because it rounds out our overall technology with leading-edge software and a truly innovative user experience."

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