Simplicity  - Simplicity

Maximize device availability
If you need help operating RICOH Intelligent Devices, RICOH Intelligent Support brings the right assistance quickly. Our set of intelligent support capabilities minimize downtime and enable maximum availability.

Automatic Remote Firmware Updates
RICOH Always Current Technology enables critical firmware updates to occur automatically. Automatic Remote Firmware Updates (ARFU) can be activated to proactively protect devices by installing the latest firmware for enhanced security and improved productivity.

RemoteConnect Support
Our service specialists can remotely access your RICOH Intelligent Devices and fix issues, even provide users real-time guidance.

Remote Panel Operation Tool
Your in-house IT staff also have the ability to resolve issues over the company network with the intuitive Remote Panel Operation tool.

User Self-help
We’ve made it easy for users to complete simple tasks — like toner replacement — themselves. Self-service options include: easy access to web help and watching how-to videos on the Smart Operation Panel.

Smart Operation Panel
Ricoh’s latest generation Smart Operation Panel features a simple, clutter-free, enhanced user interface for a seamless experience on RICOH Intelligent Devices.

Simple, clean and visual
A modern user interface features a redesigned home screen and large graphical buttons. The user interface can be customized to show commonly used functions to reduce confusion and save users time.

User-friendly touch-screen
The 10.1” display brings rapid touch response as users transition between screens, and applications startup quickly. Users can tap, flick and swipe for a user experience that’s smooth, fast and fluid.

Customize the experience
Productivity rises when technology performs — and when using it is a positive experience. Control exactly what each user or type of user sees and give them a consistent interface experience across multiple Ricoh devices. Users can learn once and use anywhere.