A greener workplace

RICOH Intelligent Devices bring advanced energy management features and cutting edge technologies that enable eco-friendly printing and greener digital processes.

Eco excellence by design

RICOH Intelligent Devices are designed for sustainability from manufacturing through their lifecycle. These devices are ENERGY STAR® certified and have earned an EPEAT Gold rating*. Energy management features include: motion sensors that detect a user’s presence, Quick Start-Up and low sleep mode electricity consumption.

Lower your CO2 footprint

Eco-friendly printing reduces use of paper and printing consumables. Improving sustainability reduces waste, and you can lower costs for electricity, paper, toner, and supplies. Transitioning from paper-based procedures to digital processes also reduces your CO2 footprint and improves your business.

Responsible recycling

Reducing, reusing and recycling resources are a core part of our design thinking and process. We offer take-back programs to ensure responsible consumables recycling and end-of-life product management.

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