The Best Copiers for Schools and Universities

With the academic year starting soon, it’s the perfect time for schools to get their new technology ready. Out of all electronics found in schools and universities, few are as important as the all-purpose copier

A small university with only 50 professors can process up to 175,000 sheets of paper per year, most of which come from school copiers. From administrators to students, people of all educational levels rely on the best copiers for schools to keep everyone well-organized and productive.

Choosing the Best Copiers for Schools

When it comes to selecting the right copier for a school, there can be little room for error. Admins need to pick the machine that best addresses the needs of the school and the learning environment that it will operate in. Regardless if it’s a busy library copier or a back-office printer, there are some important considerations to think about when picking the best printer for your school:

1) Managed vs. Purchasing Services
When buying a printer for a university or school, budgets are always in the back of administrators’ minds. Managed print services can offer a bit of breathing room in the budget for those looking for reliable equipment with up-front security and maintenance. Monthly fees are easy to track, and it’s easy to budget for such expenditures.

2) Selecting Copier Functions for Schools
Depending on the copier’s placement and purpose, the correct choice will have an assortment of features that will address the user’s needs. Do copies need to be in black and white or are colored copies needed? Does the copier need to fold, collate, and staple documents? Is an inkjet or laser model better for the school’s budget? Our printing experts will provide you with the consulting you need to get the most out of your new copier for your school and staff. We are able to address all of your questions and concerns relating to what would make the best copier for your institution. 

3) Select the Best Copier for Future-Proof Administration
Once you have your copier, schools and universities need to grasp the ongoing maintenance and administration needs of these devices. This is especially important for larger networks servicing complex bodies of faculty and students. Many schools outsource their IT, and selecting an appropriate copier will allow paperwork to flow seamlessly throughout the year with little incidence amongst in-house or outsourced IT staff.

Selecting the best copier for school is easy when working with the best in the business. Gulf Coast Office Products leads the way in copier and printer technology, equipping businesses, organizations, and schools with the technology they need to get work done. Reach out to us today to learn more about selecting the right copier for your needs! 

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