Virtual Learning and the Use of Interactive Whiteboards

Dec 9th, 2020 - Back To Blog

Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

As we all become more accustomed to virtual learning, it makes sense to optimize the experience for students and teachers alike. Both groups have definitely become more familiar with the process, and it is apparent that some strategies work better than others. Many educators, pupils, and parents are discovering the many benefits of using interactive whiteboards in a remote or virtual learning setting.

Ways that interactive whiteboards can boost the effectiveness of virtual classrooms

• multimedia capabilities - teachers are able to attach text, pictures, spreadsheets, and even handwritten notes onto the board quickly and easily.

• real-time communication - as the students proceed through the lesson, they can see in real-time any comments or changes that the teacher makes to the presentation without having to wait.

• ongoing record of the class - for students who need an additional run through the material or for pupils who are not able to attend live teaching sessions, an interactive whiteboard is the perfect tool. Live lessons are recorded and can be kept as a resource for future use.

It's clear that we will likely have some type of virtual learning as our educational reality for some time to come. It only makes sense to provide educators with the tools necessary to reach and educate students during these frequently changing times.

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