What is a wide-format printer?

Wide-format printers are increasingly becoming part of today's office machinery arsenal. More and more small and medium-sized businesses are opting to bring their wide-format printing jobs in-house and you may be wondering if this is the right step for your enterprise as well. Let's first take a look at what exactly a wide-format printer is and what they do best.

The loose definition of a wide-format printer is anything from 18 to 100 inches. A super-wide printer is anything in excess of 100 inches. This type of printer typically uses high-grade paper, sometimes even art-grade, and is able to print in a range of vibrant colors and ink types. In addition to paper, these machines can also produce materials printed on vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and window signage.

Any business that relies on printed marketing and promotional materials can benefit from having a wide-format printer at their office. If you find yourself relying on a third-party to create your banners, signage, and brochures, it's time to start thinking about producing these items in-house.

Because wide-format printers operate from digital images, it is quite easy for your company to produce professional-grade output. Using images created by your graphic designer, you can have complete control over your materials from start to finish. Think about the flexibility that you will gain when you know longer have to rely on an outside firm and their production schedules!

If you are interested in learning more about how adding a wide-format printer to your office inventory can help your business thrive, call or stop by GCOP today!

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