What is the Best Copier for a Home Office?

Although the idea of a paper-free home office is appealing, the facts are that most people will need to be dealing with physical papers on a regular basis. Home businesses and small businesses operated from one’s home office typically print and copy enough documents to consider a dedicated in-house copier and printer. 

The traditional office copy machines that used to be standalone units have started to go the way of the dinosaurs decades ago. They’ve been replaced by multifunctional copiers that are able to scan, fax, print, and more in a single unit. Specifically, “copiers” as we know them today don’t generally go by “copier” but typically by “printer.” This is because papers can be reproduced and scanned by the printer.

Just like other electronic home devices, economies of scale have seen prices drop over time despite the number of features of home copiers increasing. 

When choosing the best copier for home office use, it’s important to consider a few key factors:

1. Laser/LED vs. Inkjet Home Office Copiers
For those who need higher speeds when copying text documents, it’s generally suggested that they adopt Laser/LED copiers. Inkjets are best for those who need to copy at higher resolutions, such as those who need better graphics for photography.

2. What’s the Cost of a Home Office Copier? 
Believe it or not, the cost of copier toner and copier ink can be deducted from your taxes if you’ve been working from home. However, you will still need money to cover the upfront costs of your home copier. Since you’ll be using it on a regular basis, it’s critical that your operational costs are accounted for.

Copier manufacturers make their margins selling the toners and inks more than the copiers themselves, and they frequently have technology inside that prevents non-allowed third-party cartridges from functioning. Color copiers are especially more expensive to operate in the long run than basic black, and it’s not uncommon for regular copier toner and ink refills to exceed the cost of the entire unit! 

There are companies that utilize the built-in Wifi of your copier to track the toner and ink usage and send you replacement cartridges when the levels start to get too low. Generally, this is based around a subscription program that you’ll sign up for independent of the first purchase of your copier. A subscription toner and ink program for your copier might save you money if you find yourself frequently having to travel or inconvenience yourself with making trips specifically to refill your unit.

3. Do You Need Your Home Office Copier to Perform Duplexing? 
Duplexing is when you’re able to copy and print using both sides of a paper. Although not necessary for every person, it is invaluable for home businesses that are interested in saving paper. This will also reduce the long-term cost of ownership by reducing the paper you will use. This also will make stapling piles of papers easier because they will be smaller overall. 

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