What to Consider When Purchasing a Color GelJet Multifunction Printer?

A GelJet multifunction printer is essentially a hybrid of both inkjet and laser jet printers. Formally known as GelSprinter, this technology was developed by Ricoh to be a more versatile and cost-effective way to print. They utilize a liquid gel ink for the printing process that is thicker than traditional printer ink, making for a more rugged yet affordable print. Here is some useful information about what to consider when shopping for a GelJet multifunction printer. If you need help finding the perfect printer for your unique situation, GCOP is here! 

Affordability and Ink Durability

Gel ink is delivered via a vacuum-packed cartridge from a dual tank system. Each color is sent through a tube to the reservoir in the print head tank unit. Zero waste is achieved by the reservoir being “topped off” whenever the volume of ink dips below a certain threshold. This leads to more savings than ink dispensed from a traditional bubble system while allowing for print jobs to utilize more robust inks typically reserved for more specialized equipment.

Fast-Drying and Lighter Print Images

If you need your ink to dry fast, then color GelJet multifunction printers are for you. It dries quickly on the page, delivering a crisp, solid image that has a lighter footprint overall so as to prevent show-throughs during duplex printing. GelJet multifunction printers will work with almost any paper you require.

Wireless Networking

In the current era, we’ve seen more and more people moving towards a decentralized working environment, and the trend shows little signs of slowing down. With a new-age workforce comes new-age requirements, such as the need to use wireless networking more than ever before to keep productivity high. Make use of your printer’s versatility to help you better utilize its online functions with minimal headache.

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