Color Printer

Color laser printers are well suited for businesses or organizations seeking to put out high-volume printing with all of the benefits of color. The expenses of printing media are generally given out on a per-page basis that reflects the costs of ink, and laser printers cost less to operate due to their cheaper supply costs.


Why Buy a Color Laser Printer

What are some of the most important things to consider when buying a color laser printer? 

1) Upfront Cost vs. Long-Term Use

Color laser copiers are known for being more expensive than their inkjet counterparts upfront. However, for printing operations that intend on printing media long into the future, the cents that turn into dollars when factoring in costs of ink will add up quickly for inkjet copiers. Laser printers are also more durable because they typically have longer duty cycles. 

2) Printing Speed Requirements

Laser all-in-one color printers are optimized for their printing speed. Since laser printers are able to deliver more PPM than their inkjet counterparts, those looking to have the highest output will do well to look at such a printer line. The longer duty cycle of a color laser copy machine also means less downtime for your business or organization, keeping you printing for longer periods with minimal hassle. 

3) WiFi Networking

GCOP understands that the modern color laser copier needs to function well on a local network as well as wirelessly, especially in a time when working from a distance has never been more common. Therefore, our line of laser printers is optimized for the 21st century and beyond with the latest software to keep your media flowing. 

Our Ricoh and Savin offerings are able to be scaled to any size of business or organizational needs. We’ve outfitted schools, hospitals, media groups, universities, legal offices, and more. If you’re interested in enlisting the help of the top-rated color laser printer supplier, give us a call or email today to learn more about our extensive catalog of printers! 


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