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SP C360SFNw / SP C361SFNw



SP C360SFNw Product Brochure
SP C361SFNw Product Brochure

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SP C360SFNw / SP C361SFNw Multifunction Printer

Whether you are a large or small company, a multifunction printer helps you keep everything moving. Utilizing the SP C360SFNw / SP C361SFNw, team members can perform many types of functions as well as using it as a copy machine. Business copiers have to be multifunctional to be relevant and useful. Purchasing office machinery is preferred by firms who avoid leasing, although a rental may be appropriate to meet your multifunction printer needs.

The SP C360SFNw / SP C361SFNw offers an excellent example of how a multifunction printer makes your workplace more efficient. When you consider your options for a multifunction printer, take a close look at the fax, copier, and scanning functions to decide which can best perform the needs of your company. You can also choose additional features with the SP C360SFNw / SP C361SFNw that make this multifunction printer perfect for any company. Come visit our showrooms in Mandeville, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette for all your office machinery!

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