Black & White Printer

The familiar functionality of black and white all-in-one printers has been a staple of businesses for decades. These printers work reliably and efficiently within a monochrome spectrum of color that allows for detailed information to be easily displayed. From business to letters to print, our black and white copiers have seen it all and more. 


Benefits of Black and White Printers

Here are a few things to consider when looking at the benefits of using black and white printers: 

1) Printing Speed

The number-one advantage of a black and white copy machine is its speed. Regardless of whether it’s inkjet or laser, these printers are speedier than their color printer counterparts. Since speed is essential when a business or organization is printing media in the hundreds or thousands of pages a day, every second counts when extrapolated out across operational hours. 

2) Efficient Paper Handling and Printer Maintenance

Black and white all-in-one copiers are known for their ease of maintenance because there is only one color to worry about. Plus, black and white printers have some of the highest paper capacities on the market today, operating in both continuous feed and cut sheet flavors. 

3) Networking Connectivity and Compatibility

All modern printers for sale today need to have WiFi capabilities in order to keep up with the demands of the modern working environment. Thankfully, GCOP’s line of black and white printers for business use comes with the latest WiFi and networking software on the market that allows them to integrate seamlessly within your company or organization with minimal setup time. 

Our staff has extensive experience with setting up Ricoh and Savin products and more with minimal downtime and are happy to help you with the process, no matter how simple or complicated. GCOP has equipped medical facilities, printing groups, schools, hospitals, universities, legal offices, and more with the best black and white printing options available. If you’re interested in elevating your business and organizational capabilities, then give us a call or an email today and get started on finding the right printer for your needs!


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