Continuous Feed Color Printer

Utilizing what’s sometimes known as continuous form paper, this type of printing can come in an accordion-like stack on roll-fed printing drums that are most typically used to maximize printing volume. When you’re looking to dramatically increase your printing capacity while delivering optimal color designs for clients, then look no further than our continuous feed color printers. 

Continuous Feed Color Printer InfoPrint 5000GP / InfoPrint 5000MP

  • Prints up to 420 fpm B/W
  • Support media up to 20.4
  • Produce up to 720 x 720 dpi
  • Adapt to new growth quickly with flexible configurations

What are some of the things to consider when purchasing a continuous feed color printer?


Roll-fed copiers are able to deliver between 215-655 feet per minute on average depending on the model and its calibration. This equates to between an impressive 3-25 million pages per month. Continuous feed printing can achieve speeds of approximately 1720 PPM while still maintaining a respectable resolution.

2) Quality and Resolution

If you are looking for the highest-quality resolution possible, you might want to look at cut sheet color printers that we offer rather than continuous feed. Cut sheet copiers are able to deliver four times the resolution (dpi) than continuous feed copiers, but they operate at an equivalently slower speed. You’ll need to evaluate what’s best for the kind of media you’ll be creating when balancing speed vs. resolution; our team of printer experts are here to help you should you have questions.

3) Wireless Functionality 

GCOP’s catalog of continuous feed color printers is all equipped with the latest in Wifi functionality. In the current year, being able to operate from remote locations has never been easier with ever-increasing network qualities. Bring your business into the modern era with the finest wireless network functionality available on the market.

Ricoh and Savin copiers are able to scale with your business needs, so rest assured that no matter the size of the job, we’ll have the right equipment for your needs. GCOP has outfitted schools, hospitals, legal offices, universities, media organizations, and more. Give us a call or email today to learn more about the best continuous feed color printers for sale and find the perfect machine!