Pro VC60000

Continuous Feed Inkjet

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  • Prints up to 394 feet p/min
  • Add value to what you produce with VDP
  • Deliver consistent color on every job
  • Improve graphic communications with personalization
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A printer is still necessary for your office even in today's digital landscape. With the Pro VC60000, you get the reliability that you need to keep your business running smoothly. You probably know what it’s like when your printer goes down and everyone is scrambling to reroute their print jobs. When you choose the Pro VC60000, you know that you can count on your office machinery to be operational every day. The Pro VC60000 is always a safe bet for a printer, as it offers the functions you need and provides a dependable machine for your office. Your company won’t have to postpone work because the printer in your office is down. If you are constantly having problems with your printer, it may be the right time for a new Pro VC60000. We have locations in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, and New Orleans for all of your office equipment needs!