Wide Format Black & White Printer

Wide Format Black & White Printer are all-in-one printer/copiers that will provide any office with the essential features needed for your business to run smoothly!


Why Choose a Wide Format Black and White Printer?

There are multiple compelling reasons to consider a wide-format black and white printer for your business needs:

Wide Format: Just as the name implies, these wider formats allow for larger media to be printed at a faster rate. Tackle business and personal media from clients who need a little extra to their creation with ease. 

Cost Efficiency: As these printers function solely using black ink, the expenses associated with cartridge replacement are significantly less than those of color cartridges. Opting for a wide format black and white device will offer immediate savings and lower your operating costs in the long run.

Increased Cartridge Lifespan: These printers are tailored to serve business needs, hence they deliver impressive page yields, minimizing downtime between cartridge changes. Our high-capacity wide format black and white printers will ensure a seamless operation for your business.

Simplified Maintenance: Wide format black and white printers are typically easier to manage and operate compared to color variants. Troubleshooting becomes a less complicated task when there's only one cartridge color to consider. This streamlines the maintenance process, relieving you of the stress of managing multiple colors.

Key Features of a Wide Format Black and White Printer

Investing in a wide format black and white printer provides more flexibility for your team, including features like:

On-Demand Printing: From versatile software options to user-friendly touchscreens, printing with our range of wide format black and white printers is simpler than ever. These printers also offer increased pages per minute (PPM) rates, enhancing productivity.

Scanning/Copying: These printers also offer scanning and photocopying features, driving productivity and optimizing office space usage. You can transmit your data via your intranet or forward it to an email wirelessly.

Fax Capabilities: Wide format black and white printers also replace conventional, standalone fax machines, operating at higher speeds. These printers can be connected to your computer or phone jack for prompt, efficient fax services. Our digital tools allow you to effortlessly track fax memory, speed, and the resolution of faxed documents.


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