Wide Format Color Printer

A wide-format multifunction printer is used to create posters, banners, wallpaper, trade show graphics, murals, backlit film, schematics, vehicle wraps, construction plans, or any other large signage and artwork. Printers with the capability to print media over 100” wide are often called super-wide printers thanks to what has become known as the “grand” format. Wide-format printers use both inkjet and toner to produce an image, and they are more cost-effective than screen printing if completing only a short-run print project.


What are a few things to consider when purchasing a wide format multifunction printer?

1) Roll vs. Sheet Printing

Wide-format multifunction copiers, thanks to the width demands of the media, typically need to use rolls instead of individual sheets of paper. The paper is fed in small increments at a time to make for a high-quality print that’s easily seen from a distance. They are also flexible regarding various substrates that print is being placed upon; there are many more options available to wide format multifunction copiers than just paper alone.

2) Cost Savings

If you’re constantly doing smaller print jobs with a format between 18-100”, then consider purchasing a wide format multifunction printer as a means of saving money while printing large media. Depending on the run length and print size, you’ll be able to do more work with less headache while saving your company’s printing costs.

3) Wireless Network Compatibility 

In the current year, people have been migrating to remote working setups more than ever before. That’s why with a decentralized workforce comes a need for network compatibility that’s reliable and simple to understand. Thankfully, GCOP’s multifunction wide-format printers can be smoothly integrated into existing networks with the help of our team of wireless printer network experts. We make sure that your new all-in-one wide format copy machine is always ready to get the job done while minimizing headaches.

Featuring Ricoh and Savin lines that are engineered to scale with your brand, GCOP has the inventory to equip your organization no matter the industry. We’ve supplied medical facilities, schools, legal offices, universities, government organizations, charities, media groups, and more. If you’re ready to jump into the world of printing with the best wide format multifunction printers for sale today, then give us a call or email to learn more about how we can deliver the top all-in-one machine for your needs!


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